Product Shipping

Please note that if more than one item is purchased on the site most items ship in separate packages to ensure proper packaging. 

Custom Orders

Erica takes custom orders for any of the items featured on her site, based on what she can fulfill at the time submitted. Custom orders can be submitted with the "Custom Orders" tab! Please note that when a custom order is submitted, it does not automatically mean it will be filled. A quote will need to be sent back to ensure proper preparation and fulfillment. 

Processing Time

The time Erica needs to fulfill a custom order varies based on type of item. Once a request is e-mailed a response on timeline will be given back.

How do I order a custom hat? 

You can click on the "Custom Order" tab at the top of this website and receive a response within 3 business days. Themes are not limited to what's already suggested on the website. Get creative in your description, and I'll handle the rest! 

What if I have specific items I already own that I want on my custom order? 

Please e-mail Erica at EricaKayArt@gmail.com to review the custom order first and then Erica can arrange a pickup or mail delivery for those items to be used on a custom order.

Why is one hat item more expensive than the other? 

Erica's designs are limited edition and individually made! Distinct style and personality go into each item. Prices are based on the materials used and the time it takes per item. 

The image below is Erica's first review and hat custom order.

Erica Kay Art retains copyright to all artwork.