Festive Ornaments

Need an itsy bitsy small? Heart-warming hand made ornaments are available in Halloween, fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter themes! 

This is the perfect custom gift to put in a wreath, display by the front door, hang on a tree, hang from the ceiling, near a coffee bar, put in a tray or bowl, and more!

These one-of-a-kind keepsakes contain quality materials for the perfect sentimental. All ornaments display eye-catching designs with features like unique fabrics, silk, ribbons, beads, floral, ironed shapes, and more! 

Erica ensures that each ornament is easy to hang. Sizes vary from small, medium, and large. Please note the approximate inch for ornaments before purchasing because not every ornament is the exact size of the displayed photo.   

Check-in for winter ornaments starting November for a special stocking stuffer!